Tino Saroengallo


Was born in Jakarta on 10 July 1958, and in 1986 graduated from the was Faculty of Letter of the University of Indonesia, majoring in Chinese Studies. After tempting himself to work as a door-to-door Electrolux salesman for six month, he, since 1987, worked a variety of jobs in the media-reated line. From being a reporter for “Mutiara” biweekly tabloid, “X’tra” biweekly news magazine, “Jakarta-Jakarta” pictorial news magazine, and a freelance writer for various media; to the audio-visual world at the time when RCTI , a provate television, was established in 1988.

From that moment on, he had gotten familiar with working for the production of television programs. Either as the Production Manager or the Writer, to create the program or about the drama itself. For a couple of years until the second half of 1990s he was a director for commercial films, however, at the begining of 2000s he decided to pursue career as First Assistant Director and Production Manager.

Started from 2006 he is the Producer of “Djarum My Indonesia Great Adventure I & II” commercials. He is also the Producer of Djarum Super and Djarum Super MLD commercials such as “Sky Boarding”, “Bull Race”, “Fly Boarding”, “Sea Plane”, “Hang Gliding”, “Forest Parkour”, “Self Propelled Wake Board” and “Slack Line”.

In feature film he is more into the production department, be it as a Production Manager or Location Manager, but also as an actor. As a production department personnel he was involved in the production of “Victory” (Mark Peploe, 1995), “Yin Yank: Last to Surrender” (David Mitchell, 1999), “Pasir Berbisik” (Nan T. Achnas, 2001), “Ca-bau-kan” (Nia diNata, 2002), “The Fall” (Tarsem Singh, 2006), “Jermal” (Ravi L. Bharwani, Rayya Makarim, Orlow Seunke, 2008), “Eat Pray Love” (Ryan Murphy, 2010), “Sang Penari” (Ifa Ifansyah, 2011), “Alex Cross” (Rob Cohen, 2012), “The Philosophers/After The Dark” (John Huddles, 2012), and the latest is “Blackhat” (Michael Mann, 2015).

As an actor he is either an extra cast, a cameo, or a supporting role in “Petualangan Sherina” (Riri Riza, 2000), “Arisan” (Nia diNata, 2003), “Pesan Dari Surga” (Sekar Ayu Asmara, 2006), “Dunia Mereka” (Lasya Fauzia, 2006), “Quickie Express” (Dimas Djayadiningrat, 2007), “Tri Mas Getir” (Rako Prijanto, 2008), “MBA” (Winalda, 2008), “Jagad X-Code” (Herwin Novianto, 2009), “Pintu Terlarang” (Joko Anwar, 2009), “Kabayan Jadi Miliuner” (Guntur Soeharjanto, 2010), “Rayya: Cahaya Di Atas Cahaya” (Viva Westi, 2011), ‘Ketika Bung di Ende” (Viva Westi, 2013), “Soedirman” (Viva Westi, 2015), “3” (Anggy Umbara, 2015), “The Players” (Monty Tiwa, 2016), “Night Bus” (Emil Heradi, 2016), and “Bali Dreamzzz” (Julius, 2016). He always calls himself a flash character specialist.

In the world of documentry film, he is the filmmaker of a political history documentary titled “Student Movement in Indonesia: They Forced Them to be Violent”. Which has won the award of The Best Short Film at the 47th Asia Pacific Film Festival in Seoul in October 2002, and recieved the Citra Award for The Best Documentry Film in the Indonesia Film Festival in Jakarta in 2004. One of the impact of those winnings, he is often invited as a jury for documentary film festival at, for instance, Indonesian Film Festival or Eagle Award Documentary Competition of Metro TV.

He is also involved a lot in the making of television documentary film about Indonesia, and in the news coverage on Indonesia by ARD German TV. Up to now, whenever his schedule allows him, he would accompany the said television as a fixer when they are in Indonesia.

Besides his wirtten reportages that have been published in various media beween 1986 and 1994, he also, so far, has published three books, i.e. “Ayah Anak Beda Warna! Anak Toraja Kota Menggugat” (Penerbit Tembi, 2008 & 2010), “Dongeng Sebuah Produksi Film” (Penerbit Intisari, 2008 & 2011), “Dokumenter, Dongeng Produksi Film (Asing) di Indonesia dari Sudut Pandang Manajer Produksi” (FFTV-IKJ Press, 2015).

Aside from enjoying his new profession as a facebook activist, at the end of 2011 he released “Hidup untuk Mati” documentary film. This is a documentary about funeral ceremony in Tana Toraja. A collaboration work between him and a senior director/producer Gary Hayes, who happened to be his mentor as well as his working colleague from the year of 1993 until now.

In 2013 he released a sequel of “Student Movement in Indonesia” documentary film, titled “Setelah 15 Tahun…”

And in 2014 he releases a number of culture documentary film such as “Desa Wisata Ke’te’-Kesu’”, “Asal Usul Ke’te’”, “Toraja International Festival 2013”, “Aygul in TIF 2013”, and “Franki Raden in TIF 2013”.

Starting from 2015 up to now, he is working on a documentary film about funeral ceremony in Toraja titled “Sudah Selayaknya”.

And then, in the year of 2016, he releases “Pantja-sila: Cita-cita & Realita”.


  • 1994: “Victory” (FF, Mark Peploe)
  • 1996: “Yink Yank: Last to Surrender” (FF, David Mitchell)
  • 1997: “Amway: Worldwide Success” (Documentary, Odysseas Lappas)
  • 2000/1: “The Secret of Java Mask (1) & (2)” (Documentary, Robert Hetkaemper)
    Pasir Berbisik” (FF, Nan T. Achnas)
    Pricewater House in Indonesia” (Documentary, Lenard Dorfman)
  • 2002: “Borobudur Temple: One of The World Wonder” (Documentary, Yasmin Bauernfeind)
    Ca Bau Kan” (FF, Nia diNata)
    Student Movement in Indonesia” (Documentary, Tino Saroengallo)
  • 2004: “The Fall” (FF, Tarsem Singh)
  • 2005: “The Bali Project” (FF, Michael Jenkins)
  • 2008: “Coral Reef along Nusa Tenggara” (Documentary, Robert Hetkaemper)
    Jermal” (FF, Ravi L. Bharwani, Rayya Makarim, Orlow Seunke)
  • 2009: “Eat Pray Love” (FF, Ryan Murphy)
  • 2010: ”World Movement for Democracy” (Documentary, Benjamin Moses)
    GLM Video Documentary” (Documentary)
  • 2011: “Hidup Untuk Mati” (Documentary, Tino Saroengallo)
    Sang Penari” (FF, Ifa Ifansyah)
    The Philosophers” (FF, John Huddles)
    Alex Cross” (FF, Rob Cohen)
  • 2013: “Blackhat” (FF, Michael Mann)
  • 2014: “Toraja Iinternational Festival 2013” (Documentary, Tino Saroengallo)
    Aygul in TIF 2013” (Video Clip, Tino Saroengallo)
    Franki Raden in TIF 2013” (Video Clip, Tino Saroengallo)
    Asal Usul Desa Ke’te” (Documentary, Tino Saroengallo)
    Desa Wisata ke’te’ – Kesu” (Documentary, Tino Saroengallo)
  • 2016: “Pantja-sila: Cita-cita & Realita” (Documentary, Tino Saroengallo)


URL: http://tinyurl.com/ht8fs4e